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Abadan Simple Cycle Power Plant

Abadan Simple Cycle Power Plant

We supplied and mounted all ancillary equipment in addition to all main equipment required for operation of the power plant​ and delivered it to the employer as a turnkey project.

EPC contract includes all conceptual and detailed design, procurement of equipment, construction, and mounting of all mechanical, electricity, instrumental and control systems for the power plant. The contract also comprises operation tests, commissioning and training of employer's staff.

About of Project

Project Title: Abadan Simple Cycle Power Plant

Capacity : 123,6 MW

Equipment : Simple Cycle, GE-PG9161-E (Frame 9E)

Voltage Level : 110 kV ​

​Commencement Date : ​February 2002

Date of Delivery : October 2003

Employer : Ministry of Energy, Turkmenistan

Scope : Lump Sum Turnkey EPC Prime Contractor

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