Respect for Human Rights is one of the cornerstones of Çalık Enerji's corporate culture, which is owned by the basic values of justice, agility, human orientation, reputation, work wholeheartedly, sustainability and innovation.

Human Rights Policy

Çalık Energy's Human Rights Policy is primarily guided by the widely accepted principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business Life and Human Rights.

Çalık Enerji's Human Rights Policy applies to all of Çalık Enerji's subsidiaries in which it has a majority stake. The policy is overseen by Çalık Holding's Board of Directors and Çalık Holding's Ethics Board.

Respect for Human Rights

Çalık Enerji embraces the rule of law and acts in accordance with human rights in all geographies where it operates; It also encourages its suppliers and business partners to act in accordance with the universal human rights norms guaranteed by international conventions at the highest level.

Commitment to Society and Stakeholders

Çalık Enerji values and respects local values, customs and traditions and its local stakeholders in the geographies in which it operates. It takes care to ensure that the added value provided by the activities carried out is at the highest possible level.

Çalık Enerji aims to establish a transparent and two-way communication with the community and its stakeholders. Apart from its fields of activity, it acts sensitively to the social needs that may arise in the local area and takes care to establish good relations with the local people.

Equal Opportunity, Respect for Diversity and Fight Discrimination

Çalık Enerji aims to provide an honest and fair approach to its employees and to provide a safe and healthy working environment. In order to establish and maintain this approach and working environment, the enterprise does not discriminate among its employees based on language, race, color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability and similar reasons, and does not allow any discrimination. The enterprise cares about diversity. Provides equal opportunity for people in equal circumstances.

Healthy and Safe Work

Çalık Enerji puts the health and safety of each employee ahead of the work undertaken in those countries in all countries where it operates. The enterprise ensures that the physical working environment and conditions are healthy and safe for all employees. It has a risk-based thinking system, evaluates emergency risks and develops activities aimed at reducing them. It continues its work in accordance with the HSE Management System and invests in safe equipment.

Elimination of Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and Child Labour

Çalık Enerji opposes the employment of foreign nationals who have the status of illegal immigrants, are the subject of human trafficking or do not have a work permit, forced labour methods such as illegal child labour and debt bondage, and any other practices involving mistreatment or exploitative behavior of employees.

Wages, Working Hours and Employee Rights

Çalık Enerji creates its wage policy in a competitive manner according to the sector and the local labour market in accordance with the legislation. It takes into account industry practices and legal legislation when regulating working hours and employee rights; provides employees with opportunities to improve their skills and make progress.

Ethics Hotline and Ethics Committee

As an employer that cares about ethical values, Çalık Enerji provides secure and accessible channels where its employees and stakeholders can report suspicious situations in confidentiality and without the risk of retaliation. It has an ethics hotline where all its employees can easily and anonymously report their concerns and complaints. All notices to the ethics line are kept confidential.

The Compliance Officer confidentially reviews notifications to the ethics line and takes the necessary action, determining whether the rules or values of the institution or laws have been violated.

The Ethics Committee evaluates nonconformities identified within the framework of the Code of ethics or notices to the ethics hotline and, where necessary, issues disciplinary penalties within the scope of the defined policy.