Our Quality Policy

We, as Çalık Enerji, are among the leading global energy companies with many successful turn-key contracting projects around the world, since the inception of our company in 1998.

Our Quality Policy

Customer Focus & Feedback

  • Align with customer on requirements and metrics,
  • Engage frequently with customer on quality performance,
  • Focus on enhancing customer satisfaction,
  • Satisfy applicable requirements,

Leadership & Management
  • Support individuals who identify quality issues,
  • Maintain open environment,
  • Provide resources needed for the QMS,
  • Take accountability for the effectiveness of QMS,
  • Promote the use of process approach and risk-based thinking,
Processes & Procedures

  • Employ effective procedures, processes and training,
  • Adherence to processes embedded in culture,
  • Improve procedures in timely manner,
  • Encourage feedback to improve processes,
  • Continual improvement of QMS,

Open Environment
  • Have a questioning attitude,
  • Address issues in transparent manner,
  • Pause/stop work encouraged if quality is questionable,
  • Employees encouraged in identifying & resolving quality issues

  • Do not sacrifice quality with worry about cost and work schedule,
  • Encourage employees to take pride and responsibility with the quality of their work

Monitor & Communicate
  • Aggressively seek out and report problems,
  • Resolve issues in timely manner,
  • Monitor quality metrics,
  • Share lessons learned, best practices to make them institutionalized,
Knowledge & Sustainability

Protect and maintain the corporate culture and institutional informations, care and supervise company assets, identify risks and opportunities that may affect the quality management system, encourage competence and career development