Çalık Enerji

We, as Çalık Enerji, are among the leading global energy companies with many successful turn-key contracting projects around the world, since the inception of our company in 1998. We, as Çalık Enerji, are among the leading global energy companies with many successful turn-key contracting projects around the world, since the inception of our company in 1998.


Çalık Enerji aims to hold its competitive advantage in the ever-changing world of business with its qualified workforce. 

Çalık Enerji acts in line with the “fairness” and “people-oriented approach” values of Çalık Holding.  

Çalık Enerji focuses on providing equal business opportunities to all employees while creating performance management, career, and succession plans. 

Çalık Enerji acts in compliance with applicable labor and social security laws of Turkey and other countries of operation, based on the “agility” principle, which is another core value of the company. 

Çalık Enerji establishes organizations with the ability to quickly adapt to the demands of countries and provides local employment opportunities. 

Çalık Enerji also adopts corporate business principles, which constitute a key guideline for continued growth with the sustainability approach.

These principles allow us to understand the reality of the present and prepare us for the potential challenges of the future, thereby creating strong and dynamic structures. 

Corporate business principles are listed as follows: 

An open business approach based on transparency, 

• Creative, efficient, and productive business management, 

• An environment of effective communication and continuing education, 

• Creative and improving work, 

• Use of the latest technology, 

• Customer-oriented working approach, 

• A work environment based on love and respect, 

• Business processes that are considerate and respectful towards the beliefs and core values of society.

Our Human Resources Policy

Knowing that qualified human resources are a key factor in ensuring sustainable successful performance, Çalık Enerji organizes several regular activities from recruitment to professional and executive training programs, to make business processes more efficient. 

Çalık Enerji’s Human Resources Policy
  • Creating an efficient and effective organization while prioritizing the motivation and commitment of our employees to the Company, in line withÇalık Enerji’s objectives and strategies, 
  • Providing equal opportunities among employees,
  • Recruiting the right candidates for the Company by utilizing efficient assessment and evaluation methods,
  • Creating a human resources plan in line with the Company’s policies and strategies,
  • Establishing a corporate culture and awareness by meeting social and cultural needs of the employees to increase productivity,
  • Providing a professional work environment that offers development and growth opportunities in line with the employees’ skills, 
  • Keeping professional and personal competencies of the employees up to date, thereby allowinglife-long learning and development of employees, 
  • Training mentors to ensurethe sustainability of Çalık Enerji’s objectives and future, and leaders within the Company to steer the change, 
  • Buildinga career plan in line with competencies and goals of our employees, and maximizing their productivity, 
  • Supporting our employees with human resources system and practices,
  • Raising our employees by offering corporate opportunities and benefits, thereby leading them to continued success,
  • Ensuring development and continuity of our employees,


Çalık Enerji’s selection and placement system intend to recruit dynamic team-player candidates who are eligible with their educational attainment, open to change and innovation, have the potential to develop themselves and their business, and teach as they learn. We manage our human resources processes based on the principle of equal opportunities. The Company’s core principle in selecting and placing candidates is to provide, with no discrimination or privilege, equal opportunities to candidates who have the competencies required by the job and the capacity to embrace and live up to social values.

Applications are examined diligently to recruit the best candidate who is capable of carrying Çalık Enerji to its corporate goals and is equipped with the basic competencies and professional skills. Corporate culture and compliance with our corporate values are the most important criteria we consider during our recruitment processes. Selection tools, the validity and reliability of which are proven, are used to guarantee an impartial selection process. Personality Inventory and Language Proficiency tests are carried out to get further information about candidates’ strengths, rooms for improvement, and potentials.

Management of Remuneration and Benefits

Wages are paid monthly at Çalık Enerji. Monthly wages are determined by the Human Resources Department, which considers employees’ assessment levels and experience required by their roles. To determine the wages, the Human Resources Department considers the findings of the market research conducted at least once a year and current economic conditions. 

Performance Assessment

Performance assessments are made every year to measure employees’ productivity, identify promotion, career planning, rewarding and training requirements, and support employee development through feedback in rotations and organizational changes. We aim to reach our business goals, reveal the achievements of our employees, and making high performance our corporate culture with our Performance Management System. Our Performance Management System consists of an annual performance evaluation process with three phases: Goal Setting, which is the process of setting personal goals for employees in line with the annual corporate goals at a meeting with their managers, Interim Evaluation, which is the process of reviewing the goals set at the beginning of the year, and Year-End Evaluation, which is the process of evaluating achieved corporate and personal goals.

The outputs of the Performance Management System create an input for career management, remuneration management, and rewarding processes. At this stage, employees get feedback from their managers, and personal development plans in line with the career goals of employees are prepared. The outputs of the Performance Management System create an input for career management, remuneration management, and rewarding processes.

​​​​​​Training and Improvement

Training programs are designed in a planned, regular, continuous, efficient, and extensive manner by providing equal opportunities to the human resources, who are capable of living up to the corporate goals of Çalık Enerji. The Company believes that employee development is only possible through continuous learning and training, and therefore aims to establish an environment where everybody can learn and flourish continuously.  


The primary goal of the Human Resources Department is to provide opportunities and guidance for employees to acquire extensive knowledge in their area of expertise and to use the same to develop themselves and the business. Recruits take orientation training, where they are informed of the rules and procedures that help them comply with Çalık Enerji’s vision, mission, and organizational structure. During the training program, recruits also acquire the capabilities to start their new job. The purpose of our orientation program is to ensure the adaptation of newly recruited employees to their jobs, thereby increasing their performance and minimize the labor turnover rate.

Career Management

At Çalık Enerji, there is an ongoing career planning process in place that provides each and every employee with equal opportunities. This process also helps employees improve themselves in their respective fields to achieve the future goals of the Company. Promotions are made to ensure coordination between the Company’s future goals and employees’ goals.

Promotions also bring along more powers, more responsibilities, and higher wages. Employees are expected to have the knowledge and experience required for a higher position in order to be promoted. Career opportunities across Çalık Holding and subsidiaries are also available for employees. We work towards creating career opportunities for our employees by considering corporate goals and employee satisfaction within the framework of the employee competency and performance evaluation system.