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Adacami Hydroelectric Power Plant

Adacami Hydroelectric Power Plant

Adacami HPP Project, located in Güneysu-Rize, is the first power generation plant of Çalık Enerji. The Hydropower Plant has 30 MW installed capacity which generates 108,5 GWh energy in a year. It is capable of meeting energy requirements of almost 40 thousand people. 

The project is completed without any occupational accident. 

It has 4 weir structures, 11,,6 km of water transmission tunnel, 530 m horizontal penstock  and 110 m vertical tunnel shaft of water intake structure. ​

About of Project

Project Title : Adacami Hydroelectric Power Plant

HPP Type : Run Off River

Location : Adacami / Rize​ - TURKEY

Status : Under Operation

River : Potamya and Salarha

Drainage Area : 223 km²

Installed Capacity : 30 MW

Annual Energy Generation : 108,5 GWh

Average Annual Flow : 10,08 m³/s

Design Flow : 26 m³/s

Net Head : 125 m

Voltage Level : 31,5 kV

Length Of Transmission Line : 3 km

Capacity Factor : 40%

Term of License : 43 Years, 7 Months

Commercial Enterprice ​: August 2013

Turbines : Horizontal Axis Francis (2 Units)

​Content of Scope : 4 Weir Structures - 11,5 km Long  Transmission Tunnel - Toe Powerhouse Building

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