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Aden Simple Cycle Power Plant

Aden Simple Cycle Power Plant

Aden Simple Cycle Power Plant was built in Hiswa Region, located approximately 10 km West of the center of the city of Aden in Yemen. The 60 MW Aden Fast-Track Mobile Power Plant was established next to the existing Hiswa Power Plant by Çalık Enerji in Yemen.

Two GE TM2500+ model mobile gas turbines were used in the Project. All turn-key  engineering, supply, EPC and commissioning works were undertaken by Çalık Enerji.

The power plant was built in only 90 days.

The project is important because it is the first agreement made by Çalık Enerji in the field of mobile power plant and it is also the first project that our company started in Yemen.

About of Project

Project Title: Aden Simple Cycle Power Plant

Capacity : 60 MW

Equipment : 2 x GE TM2500+

Voltage Level : 33 kV ​

​Commencement Date : ​January 2017

Date of Delivery : May 2017

Employer : Public Electricity Corporation "PEC" / Republic of Yemen

Scope : Lump Sum Turn-key EPC Prime Contractor

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