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Al-Khums Fast Track Simple Cycle Power Plant

Al-Khums Fast Track Simple Cycle Power Plant

The 550 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant was constructed in Al-Khums located 100 km away of Tripoli, the capital city of Libya. The power plant is a turnkey project Çalık Enerji has taken over for all aspects including engineering, construction, mounting, testing, commissioning.

The project was finalized in December 2016 with around 500 people to be employed.

With 1-year guarantee term, the project's maintenance has also been taken over by Çalık Enerji for 12 years.

In the wake of the revolution, Libyan Ministry of Electricity signed the first contract for its own major power generation plant with Çalık Enerji.

Khoms Power Plant generates 6% of the current electricity capacity of the Libya and substantially reduce the energy shortages especially affecting the western side of the country where the population has been gathered. The project is also meet power requirement of Al-Khums in an incessant way.

About of Project

Project Title : Al-Khums Fast Track Simple Cycle Power Plant

Capacity: 550 MW

Equipment : 2 x GE 9FA MS9001FA

Voltage Level : 220 kV

Commencement Date : June 2014

Delivery Date : February 2017

Employer : General Electricity Company of Libya

Scope : Lump Sum Turnkey EPC Prime Contractor​

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