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Gardabani Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

Gardabani Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

Çalık Enerji completed over the construction of Gardabani Combined Cycle Power Plant that is one of the top investments for the Georgian energy industry in recent years.

Projected to contribute to the energy diversity, this project corresponds to the 8% of the Georgia's total installed capacity by year 2015 and has the capacity to meet the 15% of Georgia's energy requirements with the 1,8 b​illion kilowatts energy it produces in an hour.  

The construction of the Gardabani Natural Gas Combined Cycle Project started in October 2013 and completed sooner than expected. The power plant started production on July 22, 2015. After completion of the power plant, Çalık Enerji started the operation of the Gardabani Power Plant in order to generate electricity to Georgia.​

Thanks to the importance attached to the occupational health and safety, the project was completed without any loss of time due to occupational accidents. 

About of Project

Project Title: Gardabani Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

Installed Capacity: 23​0 MW

Equipment : 2 x GE 6FA, 2 x Nooter Eriksen HRSG and Doosan-Skoda Steam Turbine

Voltage Level : 220 kV ​

Commencement Date : October 2013

Date of Delivery : July 2015

Employer : Partnership Fund & GOGC

Main Contractor : Çalık Enerji 

Scope : Lump Sum Turnkey EPC 

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