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Navoi Combined Cycle Power Plant

Navoi Combined Cycle Power Plant

Combined Cycle Power Plant

EPC Main Contractor for 478 MW Navoi Power Plant

Project Features:

- The Very First Project of Çalık Enerji in Uzbekistan,

- Uzbekistan's First Combined Cycle Power Plant,

- Navoi meets 4 % of Uzbekistan's Energy Requirement,

- The First and The Most Efficient CCPP Across the Asia,

- Zero Loss in Distribution to 5 Countries,

- Compliance with Russian and UK Standards.​

About of Project

Project Title : Navoi Combined Cycle Power Plant

Capacity : 478 MW

Equipment : ​Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Gas Turbine (M701F4), Nooter Ericsen Steam Turbine (TC2F-40.5)​​​​​​

Voltage Level : 220 kV

Commencement Date : August 2009

Date of Delivery : October 2012

Employer : Ministry of Energy, Uzbekistan

Scope : Turnkey Consortium Contractor

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