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Urban Energy Infrastructure Reinforcement Project In Ashgabat 2 & 3

Urban Energy Infrastructure Reinforcement Project In Ashgabat 2 & 3

The cont. project of AST-1, Execution Of The Works For Second And Third Stage Of Increasing The Reliability Of Power Supply To The City Of Ashgabat project modernized the energy transmission and distribution of Ashgabat in accordance with the modern-day standards and increase the security of supply and capacity utilization. The project is a turnkey project and works finalized as of October 2016 in accordance with the contract.

Main Goals of the Project Are;​

  • Increasing the reliability of power supply and capacity of Ashgabat,
  • Increasing the quality of electrical infrastructure of Ashgabat with the best quality and modern engineering methods,
  • Providing environmental friendly superstructure in line with the Turkmen architecture,
  • Providing an environmental friendly, safe, environment and human health preserved work environment. 

About of Project

Project Title : Execution Of The Works For Second And Third Stage Of Incr​​​​easing The Reliability Of Power Supply To The City Of Ashgabat

​Transformer Substations : 5 pieces of 110 kV,6 pieces of 220 kV, 18 pieces of 35 kV, 43 pieces of 10 kV

Cabling Works: 0,95 km 220 kV, 22,43 km 220 kV Overhead Line, 8,45 km 110 kV, 27,2 km 110 kV Overhead Line, 93 km 35 kV, 2,35 km 35 kV Overhead Line, 418,72 km 10 kV

Monitoring and Management System: SCADA and Control Facilities

Commencement Date : August 2014

Date of Delivery: October 2016​

Employer : City Municipality of Ashgabat, Directorate for the Construction of Critically Important Facilities with the City Municipality of Ashgabat

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