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Expansion Of Tedzani Electricity Hydropower Station - Tedzani-4

Expansion Of Tedzani Electricity Hydropower Station - Tedzani-4

The Tedzani 4 HEPP Project is aimed at increasing the total installed capacity of Tedzani 1, 2 and 3 Hydroelectric Power Plants, located at the distance of 70 km to Blantyre, Malawi's second largest city, by 18 MW. Together with the construction of all water works and power plant buildings under the Project, Çalık Enerji has also undertaken the supply and installation of the hydro-mechanical, electrical and electromechanical equipment on a turn-key (EPC) basis.

About of Project

Project Title : Expansion Of Tedzani Electricity Hydropower Station - Tedzani-4

HPP Type : Run Off River

Location : Malawi

Status : Under Construction

River : Shire River

Installed Capacity : 19,3 MW

Annual Energy Generation : 151,4 GWh

Average Annual Flow : 348 m³/s

Design Flow : 58,5 m³/s

Net Head : 37,0 m

Voltage Of Transmission Line : 66 kV

Commercial Enterprice ​: December 2020

Turbines : Vertical Francis (1 Units)

​Content of Scope : Our company's scope includes the construction works of all facilities that will supply the water from the existing dam to the powerhouse and ensure energy generation (water intake facility, water canal, overflow spillway, scouring sluices, stilling pool, powerhouse, access road etc.) and equipment procurement (penstock, covers, turbine, generator, switchgear, transmission line etc.).

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